My Piano Music

Creation is like a drug, once you try and don’t wanna stop.

 I love to create many things, improvisational piano music is one of them.

Dariusz Socha  # I M P R O V I S A T I O N

January 2015

Improvisation Piano 1 – Dariusz Socha (

Almost one hour improvisation (live 1:1, uncut/unedit)
Time 00:55:27. BEHINGER UMX610 + TruesPianos Standalone.

~ 2004-2005

String  + Electric Guitar – Dariusz Socha (string) feat. Krzysztof Do┼éomisiewicz (guitar)

Long ago, I sent to friend a short piece recorded on my old keyboard. Krzysztof added own record on electric guitar.
 Time: 00:01:10. Keyboard: Roland EM-20.